Pricing Options

Exclusive 1 on 1 Personal Training Session          (45 minutes)

  • Current Specials: Get your 1st session FREE!
  • Get a FREE 1on 1 training session when you encourage a “new personal training client” as a referral to start working with ADVANTAGE FITPRO! When your referral mentions your name first as the referral source and then purchases a 1 on 1 package or a Group PT package of 9 sessions or more, you will receive a 1 session credit off your next Personal Training purchase!
  • $750. – 10 Sessions(Approx: $75Each/Exp:60Days)
  • $80. – 1x Drop In Session
    Please contact ADVANTAGE FITPRO for more information or if you have a unique situation for coaching like an exclusive group, special event, or presentations!

    (***New Client Specials may only be used by each NEW client 1 time. In the event a giftcard is purchased or transfer is allowed from a family member that has had a change in availability, all credit shall be applied at regular personal training rates.

Exclusive Partner/Pairs & 3s PT (2 to 3 People)
Package Options

  • $1400 – 10 Sessions (Divided by 2 or 3 for price per person is approximately $700 or $467 each Exp:60Days)
  • $150. – 1x Drop In Session
    (Note: Partner etiquette: If one, both or all partner(s) do not make it to the scheduled session without 24 hours notice, ALL partners are still required to pay for the session.)

    Group PT (8 participants maximum)
    Pricing Options:

  • CURRENT SPECIAL: $50 OFF your next package when you encourage a “new training client” referral to come in when they purchase a 1 on 1 package or Group PT package of 9 sessions or more!
  • $249.99 – 13 Sessions(Approx:$19Each/Exp:30Days)
  • $199.99 – 9 Sessions(Approx:$22Each/Exp:30Days)
  • $99.99 – 4 Sessions(Approx:$25Each/Exp:30Days)
  • $29.99 – 1x Drop-In Session
  • 1st SESSION FREE!!! (Fill out form below & start ASAP!)


  • Please leave us your contact info (below) and we will be in touch for quotes on other specialty services like:
  • Corporate Fitness Training
  • A “Guest Speaker” at your event
  • Strength Coaching for your team
  • Online Training