ADVANTAGE FITPRO wants you to see continued success with your fitness objectives so there are a variety of services offered along with regular programs like cardio, flexibility, and weightlifting available. That’s why the options listed below offer a tailored approach to match your fitness needs through instruction and monitoring. We offer group personal training, exclusive personal training, and classes.

group pt

Personal training in a GROUP environment with no more than 7 other people in class with you. This instructor to client ratio provides social motivation with like minded people sharing common goals and keeps the price per person at a sustainable rate for long term benefit.

Group PT option offers the most autonomy and versatility for scheduling options as well!

exclusive pt

Exclusive personal training provides you with the absolute best instructor to client ratio for maximum results. This 1 to 1 instruction is 100% focused on you. It can also be modified to work with a partner or in a special group (e.g. Tennis Team).

Exclusive PT is available at a premium, but it’s well worth the investment.